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Job Opportunities in Education Industry are ample. You can be a fresher, teacher, software engineer, marketer, coach or finance profession, fast growing education industry has job opportunity for everyone.  This blog is about job opportunity for teachers in Edtech Industry . I have been a teacher myself , and I can strongly say being a teacher is the best thing that has happened to my life . If you see my LinkedIn Introduction , you would find my journey from corporate HR consultant , to teaching and then Entrepreneur . As a recruitment consultant for Education and publishing sector , I realized that with passage of time teaching profession has graduated into many lucrative opportunities . I am going to refer few of them here .

Trainer / Mentor

Teaching is in itself a mentoring role , but to take it on professional front you can pursue it as full fledged Trainer . You may become a corporate trainer for soft skills , you may train people as subject matter expert . You may also coach other teachers on the basis of your own rich experience . Trainer is a highly paying job , where you can earn per session or on full time basis . You have added advantage of meeting new batch of people and travelling to different places . You also learn by observing different organisational structure . It is equally learning opportunity for you as well . Author / Curriculum Designer You have taught a particular subject for long and now you have mastered the subject to its core . Lets share the knowledge with world , you can author books , design curriculum on freelance or with any curriculum designing company .Its a great way to share your rich experience in the form of books to other teachers .


Teachers are sought after for next level of authoring . Who can be the best editor than who has done this job day in and day out for so many years evaluating notebooks of students . If you are the teacher who wants to move of noisy class room and do some good peaceful editing for some excellent books

Content Writer / Subject Matter Expert

Today when a classroom is being captured in a tablet and in the form of smart classes, you may research and create content for these platforms. It gives you the option to be as creative as you can be since you have the first-hand experience of being in a class. You better understand the needs of students. With so much experimentation going on in education, it has become a major industry today. Being A teacher is just not the end of a professional journey, you have a great ladder of success lying ahead. We hope to update you with many more avenues in the future. Do share your views on this. Reach us for any query: swati@hirexl.in / hello@savannahr.com

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