Checklist Before Accepting New Job During COVID Times

Seeking a job opportunity prior to Pandemic had a different vision than today. As a job seeker, what I would want from my job is more divergent than what I would have wanted when we were living in an ordinary world.

The pandemic accelerated the existing trend in remote work, being a jobseeker, and witnessing today’s scenario looking out for stability in career for a long run is also a major concern with salary & remote work. There are other aspects as well to consider before accepting an offer during this COVID-19. Let us cover them up

The financial health of the company

Presently we’re living in a pandemic world where we have seen many organizations undergo layoffs. Suppose I have joined an organization and we are again in a situation of nationwide lockdown and the company is not able to take care of their employees during such a crucial time. I personally wouldn’t want that. And so it is advised to go check on the company’s financial health before joining.


Salary is one of the most important things to consider when making a career decision. I would expect a hike to my earlier CTC and would want the next company to acknowledge my previous work experience and CTC and offer a hike accordingly. If the salary is satisfactory, I would consider joining. After all we have to run a family & therefore salary remains an important parameter.

Understand your roles & responsibilities 

I personally have ended up with a bizarre experience once. The mistake I made was that I didn’t put an effort to clarify the job description. After getting onboard to a position where my skills didn’t fit the role made me, as well as the company, suffer and ended up leaving that job. I learnt my lesson and now never fail to clarify the job role with the hiring team. Never hesitate to clarify from the hiring manager if you are not clear about your job duties, company’s culture, or other job details. Asking such questions helps you decide if this is the right option for you to wait or explore other opportunities.

Understand Company’s Growth Rate

Before accepting an offer, thorough research about the company plays a major role. It is an inevitable task. Our personal growth in our career is directly proportional to the growth rate of the company. A company with a high growth rate can hike our career growth.

I would definitely not want to land myself a job where I feel stuck after a year in terms of personal growth and opportunities in case the company is not performing.

Therefore, do a thorough research, go through company’s site as well as LinkedIn profile, checkout reviews on Glassdoor/ambition box etc., get the inside scoop on companies and avoid committing goofy mistake  

Stability & Flexibility

At the end of the day, we all look for a stable career and a company where we could see ourselves for a long run. It is important to make sure that you are financially stable and the job will be good for you.

And when flexibility comes with stability, voila!! This is the right offer for you. I, being an employee, who has a family, would look for stability during term time and flexibility during holidays. For an employee like me, an employer needs to accept that their staff will want to flip between both patterns.

Lastly, get in touch with your connections. You easily find a large online network of people working in a particular company to get some real-time feedback.

Word-of-mouth works well to understand the inside story of any company.

Finding a job is difficult, but what’s more difficult is to decide if the opportunity at hand is good for you or not. The decision of whether to accept a job offer or not involves a lot of risks and thus, everything should be kept in mind before taking a decision.

You are welcome to share your take for the same. Write down your checklist points.

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